Graduation Information

EPHS/Oregon Requirements

An Oregon high school diploma is granted upon successful completion of the following graduation requirements:

  • Completion of 25 credits of study in the appropriate curricular areas. (See Right)
  • Completion of career education requirements. (See Below)
  • Demonstration of proficiency in essential skills. (Curriculum Guide)

Only those students who have completed all requirements will be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies.



Language Arts 4.00
Math (Algebra I or higher) 3.00
Science 3.00
Health 1000 0.50
Health 2000 0.50
US History 1.00
World History 1.00
Fine or Applied Arts 3.00
Physical Education 1.00
American Government 0.50
Economics 0.50
NEST (.25 credits per year) 1.00
Total REQUIRED Classes 18.00
Total ELECTIVE Classes 7.00