University Scholarships

College & University Merit Aid

Most colleges and universities offer scholarships directly for their students. Here are a couple of ways to find and apply to those scholarships:

(1) CHECK THE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY WEBSITE you plan to attend. Merit scholarships are often awarded automatically based on your admissions application. Sometimes there may be a separate scholarship application for departmental or top-tier scholarships.

(2) CHECK OUT is similar to Fastweb or, but offers information regarding merit aid (scholarships) awarded specifically by colleges/universities.When students check the website of the college/university they plan to attend to see what merit aid is available, sometimes that information is hard to decipher. This site contains very straight-forward information. To find out what merit aid may be available to you from the university you plan to attend:

  • Go to
  • Click “view directory” under “Search by College Name”
  • Click on the state in which your college is located
  • Click on your college 

Oregon University Scholarship Links

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Community Colleges

Rogue Community College :
RCC online scholarship application: