Fall Renewal Letter - Use this letter to submit for scholarship renewals

At EPHS, we are dedicated to helping our students go to college!

A few tips as you begin this process: 

  • Follow all directions and submit completed applications on time
  • Apply for as many scholarships as possible
  • Check college website you want to attend for scholarsips
  • When searching, be aware of advertising popups and don't enter info
  • Keep a copy of everything that you submit for your records

DON'T forget to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid! Every prospective college student should fill out the FAFSA! Visit for the application.

Please contact Rob Cowden if you need assistance.

Scholarship Coordinator
Rob Cowden

Individual Scholarships

There are thousands of individual scholarships sponsored by foundations, corporations, individual s, and other organizations. Some of these scholarships are local scholarships provided by individual s or organizations in a student’s own “backyard.” Some of these scholarships may be provided by national, widely recognized corporations or organizations. The EPHS Scholarship coordinator emails this information to seniors throughout the school year.

Scholarship Search

Another way to find individual  scholarships for which a student may be eligible is to register with a free scholarship search engine (such as FastWeb or Scholarships.Com). These search engines build a scholarship portfolio tailored to the student based on the personal information the student provides. Check the websites below in your search for scholarships.

FastWeb Tuition Funding Sources RCC's Scholarship Central Collegeboard Meritaid
Gear Up Scholarship Calendar