Students Make Mask Awareness Video

Students Make Mask Awareness Video
Students Make Mask Awareness Video

Students Tik Tok on mask guidelines to be presented to Oregon Department of Education

by Ambar Rodriguez, News 10 / Thursday, October 28th 2021

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Students at Eagle Point High School got creative by producing a Tik Tok video to help their peers understand the latest state’s COVID-19 guidelines for schools and mask-wearing outdoors.

The spokesperson for the school district, Dean MacInnis said he will be presenting the social media video to the Oregon Department of Education that demonstrates the updated quarantine guidelines for outdoor settings which allow students to be in close contact with a COVID-19 infected student without the need to be quarantined if both are properly wearing a face mask.

“A lot of people don’t understand the difference between wearing a mask, wearing it properly, and not wearing one at all,” Allen Mack, a 14-year-old Sophomore at the school said.

Mack explained he and a group of students went over the latest guidelines and were confused as to what would force them into quarantine and away from their friends.

He said, he knew if he was confused then other students may be too.

“For example, if you’re doing that little nose dip thing that usually students do, you’re still around people and if you’re COVID positive, you’re still going to get others into quarantine, if they’re wearing a mask because you are doing that nose dip,” Mack said.

He explained the ‘nose dip’ is when someone is wearing their mask over their mouth but under their nose, which allows germs to escape the protection.

“Some people just don’t care about the safety in wearing masks, they don’t realize that COVID can cause a death, they don’t realize you can get seriously injured and end up in the hospital,” Devin Charistrive, a 15-year-old Sophomore at the high school added. “We just hope the Tik Tok helps people understand how important it is.”

Carlie Love, a 16-year-old Junior at the high school who helped create the social media video, said she knows all too well the impacts of quarantining during the school year.

Love explained in the first few weeks of school starting, she had to isolate herself from others after her mother was exposed to the virus at work.

“My entire family had to quarantine, but when I came back it was only for a week because a student wasn’t wearing their mask properly in class, and it has really affected my schooling,” Love added. “Having to do school work at home is not easy at all, and I am now very behind.”

Love said she wanted to help other students know the importance of wearing a mask properly so that they would not fall behind with their classwork.

“I am pretty sure I missed more school than being at school right now,” she said. “I hope people see the video and get that if they are not going to wear their mask properly, they're just affecting everyone else around them.