High School Students Support Local Families

High School Students Support Local Families
High School Students Support Local Families

Eagle Point High School students kick off the holidays by helping those in need

by Kevin McNamara, News 10 / Monday, November 22nd 2021


Students at Eagle Point High School got together on Monday to help support families in need this holiday season.

The school's leadership class put together Thanksgiving baskets at Ray’s Food Place in Eagle Point for families that need help over the holidays.

The school is in its tenth year of putting on Thanksgiving outreach programs and this will be the third time it's partnered with Ray's to do so.

"Think of all the families over those ten years that have been helped by this it's just a great cause," said Samara Winchell, an elementary school teacher within Eagle Point School District. "As a district, we love supporting our local families and our local communities and I know Ray's loves to give back to their local communities as well. It's just a great partnership."

The meal will boast all of the classic Thanksgiving fixings including turkey, stuffing, sparkling cider, pies, and more. Students volunteered to come out on Monday despite the fact that it was the first day of their Thanksgiving break, and they have no regrets.

"Helping people out in general. I love getting out of the house and doing something. If I'm doing it for a good cause, that's even better. I love doing that," said Eagle Point High School sophomore Allen Mack.

"It's a lot of fun. Doing this in our free time, and just knowing that we're doing this for families that need it," said junior Cloie Love.

In total, the kids put together 100 separate baskets for families in need to enjoy this holiday season. The recipients of the baskets will be chosen by the leadership team after a nomination process.

"There are families out there who don't have the money to provide food for thanksgiving feasts. Coming here and doing it is really heartfelt," Love said.

"I don't regret doing this. I've got a lot of free time myself. to give my free time to people who are struggling and doing this for the community is just worth it to be honest," Mack added.