EPSD9 Resources Help Students Graduate On-time

EPSD9 Resources Help Students Graduate On-time
EPSD9 Resources Help Students Graduate On-time

Eagle Point School District's resources helping students graduate on-time

by Ambar Rodriguez, News 10 /  Saturday, October 16th 2021


EAGLE POINT, Ore. — The Student Services and Family Resource Center within the Eagle Point School District is helping students finish the work they need to earn their high school diploma and the success is being seen in the latest graduation statistics.

The Oregon Department of Education’s latest data shows 93% of students are set to graduate on time, which is 10% higher than the state’s overall average.

"Being able to form a connection with students really makes a difference for the cause now they’re more willing to do the work, and they’re more willing to listen,” Ernesto Hernandez, the community liaison for the Student Services and Family Resource Center said.

The center offers resources such as mental health assistance, one-on-one and group tutoring, and emotional support for its students.

For senior, Jose Cortes, the center is helping him make up three classes he needs to graduate from Eagle Point High School.

"I found out I was behind last year, and it made me super nervous since I knew I had only one year to try getting caught up on everything," Cortes explained.

He said he began to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work he must do in order to earn his diploma next Spring.

Cortes said the one-on-one support he is receiving and the relationship he built with Hernandez has made the difference, and he is now scheduled to graduate on time.

"Ernesto’s helped me a lot, just motivating me to get me up in the morning when I’m tired, he is like actually putting in the effort showing that he cares," Cortes said.

The extra support is also showing in the district's five-year completion rate.

The data shows that number rose to 97%, which is an increase of 7% in the last three years.

“When they know that there is someone that cares for them (the students) they’re more likely to be successful,” Hernandez said.