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Password for Eagle Point High School Students (Case Sensitive)

About Smartmusic
The Students in the Eagle Point High School Bands will use smartmusic for the development of skills, practicing music, and submitting both summative and formative assessments. Smartmusic is an internet based, interactive music teaching program that allows students to be assessed, practice music with background, and continue rehearsal and concert preparation. Students are expected to keep up with all summative and formative assessments to be prepared for daily rehearsals and performances.

  • Must download smartmusic to use the pass code
    • Passwords and passcodes are case sensitive
    • Smartmusic Password and information for students.
    • Downloads are for EPHS Band only.*
    • Click below to download Smartmusic
    • Create an account with email address and unique passwords. Must have this to register for a class.

Download Smartmusic

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Smartmusic Classes to enroll in:

Concert Band 2014-2015
Jazz Band 2014-2015
Jazz Improvisation (not required)
Concert Band Advanced (Coming Soon)

How is my Child being graded in Smartmusic? How can he/she get a 4?

Students who are enrolled in Concert Band or Jazz Band will have summative assessments through Smartmusic. Students will be required to complete technical exercises as assessments, and will also be required to submit Smartmusic recordings of our concert pieces.

How can my student achieve a 4 in Smartmusic Summative assessments? See Gradebook below.

Grade Book, student examples 3 concert pieces