Math Team

The Math Team completes in the Southern Oregon Mathematics League. This league has been around for 35 years and is created and run by the Math Department of Southern Oregon University . We complete against about 15 other schools from Southern Oregon, Klamath Falls and on the Southern Oregon Coast.

We call our members "Mathletes" since we use skills such as a problem solvver/mathematician to solve problems under time restraints.

There are 4 local math competitions, 1 District Meet and 1 State Meet that the Math team can qualify for. The state meet is always hosted by one of our state universities. The competitions are highly competitive and awards, prizes and scholarships can be won! EPHS competes with 3 teams of 6 people each, although each meet we have to turn people away who would like to compete. About 25 people are on our team roster.

Southern Oregon Math Meet Competition Calendar:

Location: North Medford High School - 1900 N Keeneway Dr - Medford
Time: 9:15 am - 11:00 am

Past competition problems and future event calendar:

Kathy Alexander

Math Team Coach