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Leadership class is designed to help train and develop students in the various aspects of leadership. Students will gain leadership experience through theory and practice. Students involved in Eagle Point High School's Leadership class will have a variety of opportunities to influence the life of their school (climate and culture), their community, and themselves.

Our Mission

The mission of Eagle Point High School Leadership is to establish and uphold a “School of Excellence” as well as the four core character traits of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring, while promoting self-government, student involvement, maximum efficiency and community partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Leadership Class?
The Eagle Point High School Leadership Class is an organization of approximately 30 students composed of both class officers and appointed positions who strive to create a positive school atmosphere through dedication to school spirit and community involvement.

How can I become a part of the leadership program?

To become a part of the leadership program a student may become a class officer through election by his or her peers, or also become an appointed position in the leadership program through an application and interview process. Spots in the leadership class are highly competitive. In order to better prepare for the application and selection process students should show good attendance with little to no disciplinary issues, and should also be highly involved in school activities and events. You can also become involved through volunteering in leadership events such as community 101, or the annual turkey basket drive.

What opportunities are there with the leadership program?
The leadership program offers a wide variety of opportunities in conjunction with both state and national organizations through the ability to attend state and national leadership conferences and trainings, and also the ability to serve on state and national governing boards. Notable Eagle Point participation in such organizations include 2010 graduate Trent Kaiser and 2014 graduate Tyler Downing who both served on the Oregon Association of Student Council's Student Executive Council.


Jeremy Durst

Leadership Teacher


Cari Snider

Leadership Teacher


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