Coaches Corner

Welcome to the Coaches Corner! This section of the website is a resource center for any certifications or test, Human Resource Materials, or content that a coach may need to access. Many items are required to coach in the Eagle Point School District 9 and this section allows easy access to the training's necessary for any coaching position. Should you have any questions, please contact the District Athletic/Activities Supervisor. Lastly, THANK YOU, to all those who have or are currently coaching in our district. 

Coaching Tests & Training

NFHS Fundamentals of Coaches NFHS Concussion Test Appearance & Performance Enhancing Drugs & Substances
Heat Illness/Hydration Training NFHS First Aid/CPR Certification Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Football ONLY Certifications 

USA Football Sign In
Blocking, Tackling, & Equip Fitting

Human Resources & District Forms

Public School Works EPSD9 Timecards I-9 Form
W-4 Form Volunteer Process Pre-Approved High School Coach
Temporary Restaurant License Building Use Request Form Activity/Field Trip Request
Out of State Travel Fundraising Request Activity/Field Trip Permission Slip


Activity Bus Request (big yellow) Mini Bus Request

Schedules & Results

EPHS Calendar OSAA Website


Table Rock Broad Medford Mail Tribune Oregon Live
Upper Rogue News Register Guard KDRV 12

The Role of Parents in Athletics

The Role of Parents PDF

For Athletes

Captains Test

Coaching Requirements

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) requires ALL coaches to have ALL certifications current prior to the beginning of the season and valid throughout all seasons during the sport season EACH YEAR.

1. National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Fundamentals of Coaching

This is an on-line class that takes up to 6 hours to complete. You do not need to do it all in one sitting. It only needs to be done ONCE IN YOUR COACHING CAREER. There is a cost of $50 to take the course. If you were certified through ASEP prior to 2007, you can be “grandfathered” in and exempt from taking the course.

Link to class: NFHS Fundamentals of Coaches

2. Concussion Training (Annual)

Link to free class: NFHS Concussion Test

3. Heat Illness & Hydration Training (Every 2 years)

Link to free class: NFHS Heat Illness & Hydration Training

4. Steroid Training (Every 4 years)

Link to free class: Appearance & Performance Enhancing Drugs & Substances

5. First Aid/CPR Certification (Every 2 years)

Jackson County School District 9 requires all PAID coaches to have current first aid certification. One of the ways you can meet this requirement is through the NFHS online course.

Link to class: NFHS First Aid Certification

Media Contacts

Mail Tribune Tim Trower
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  Chris Hansen
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